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Thu 12 Nov 2009

Help for the homeless

From 1st November to 31st December 2010 Casa Mia will be participating in the StreetSmart campaign - a campaign that raises thousands of pounds for homeless charities across the UK every year.  Since StreetSmart was established 11 years ago, they have raised over £3,700,000 for the homeless. 

It's a very simple concept. A voluntary £1 is added to every bill presented in participating restaurants during the months of November and December. Every penny raised goes directly to homeless projects, hostels and charities in Leeds, helping people, young and old, who have effectively 'slipped out of the system'.

Casa Mia along with other Leeds restaurants have pledged their support to the StreetSmart campaign.  So don't forget if you are visiting Casa Mia during the festive season, you will have the opportunity to help the homeless in Leeds by donating £1!   Thanks for your support … we hope you agree this is a very worthy cause.

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