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We have now officially launched Casa Mia@home – an at home service where the restaurant quite literally comes to you! So, rather than having to sort out babysitting, worry about parking and then venture out in the cold, Casa Mia@home enables you to enjoy sitting in the comfort of your own front room while a Casa Mia chef cooks up a storm in your kitchen.
We’ve launched the service in response to the growing number of people who are swapping going out for staying in and hope it will prove a massive success. It’s especially great for dinner parties and is extremely simple to arrange. You just need to decide on a night, tell Casa Mia how many guests you’ll be expecting and then pick the food of your choice, which can either be from the main menu or created especially to suit your requirements.
To find out more about the service or to book your very own Casa Mia dinner party
please call 0113 2623322 or email francesco@casamiaonline.com